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Solid Fuel Home Heating Boilers 

Save up to 60% off your home heating bills with the newest technology in home heating.



To view a short movie on our Solid Fuel Home Heating Boilers have a look at the video clip by clicking here.





Our service not only includes the sale of the Solid Fuel Home Heating Boiler, but we also offer a complete fitting service from start to finish. If you decide to have your own Plumber carry out the installation, one of our trained staff will be on site to offer assistance and information from start to finish. We don't leave your home until all is installed and optimised for your home.

We also have a delivery service for all of our solid fuels so you never have to worry about sourcing fuel. Special discounts are  available to any home that has installed any Strata Ireland Solid Fuel Home Heating Boiler.

All of the above mentioned Solid Fuel Home Heating Boilers currently run on the following solid fuels;-

- Coal, Singles, Slack (Singles & slack for automated systems)

- Blocks, Timbers, Sticks and other Kindling.




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