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Are you burning the correct Solid Fuel ?

Are you burning the correct fuel in your home heating Appliance ?
For many of us this is the question. There are many other factors that will influence the fuel you burn such as smoke controlled areas etc. This will give you a brief breakdown of a few Fuels and their uses;-

Premium Smokeless Ovoids - Perfect for enclosed fires with a high heat output and long burn time. Burns with little to no ash. A quality product that has been our top selling smokeless fuel over the last two years.

Smokeless Blend (Ovoids & Calco) - Suitable for open & enclosed fires, this blend gives very high heat output with little to no ash.

Premium Emerald Coal or Doubles - Our top selling fuel over the past two years. Our Emerald Coal is Colombian in original and gives unrivalled Heat Output with little to no ash. Without doubt one of the best Coals on the market.

This is a few of our products available to buy in our online store

Coal with swift 7


Kosy King – The New Name in Quality Solid Fuel Distribution

For many years at the Strata Group we have matured our Coal Division into a high volume Coal distribution business that has been distributing Solid Fuels to the homes of the UK & Ireland.

Due to this continued growth and the acquisition of another Coal company, we made the decision to form our exciting new venture, KOSY KING.

Based on the same high standards we have always carried, KOSY KING distributed high quality Coal to the trade & retail. With a brand new fully eCommerce website, our Coal customers can avail of online purchasing throughout the UK & Ireland at highly competitive prices.

For all of your solid fuel requirement call a member of the team on Freephone UK 0800 470 47 47 or Ireland 1800 928 792.

To buy online visit www.kosyking.comKosy King - Solid Fuel Distribution


Coal Pallets to your Home

Throughout the Bad Weather Strata Fuel Centre has continued to Delivery up to 15 pallets per day to Customers hopes throughout Ireland.

Our Extensive Pallet Network delivers Coal From Kerry to Derry, From Donegal to Dublin. In fact our new venture into England has saw Pallets going to Newcastle and Manchester.

Call a member of the Team today to have your coal delivered to your home on 028 867 62103 or email us on

Premium Emerald Coal - House Gold Coal - Colombian Coal - Smokeless Coal

We are a Swift 7 Certified Company ensuring Quality Coal along with Quality of Service.

Strata Fuel Centre Bulk Loose Coal


Strata Fuel Centre – Distribution of Quality Coal

We are one of the leading suppliers of;-
- Premium Colombian Coal
- Premium Polish Coal
- Russian Coal
- English Coal
- Scottish Coal
- A Broad Range of Smokeless Coal Products.
- Peat Briquettes
- Kiln Dried Hardwood Blocks

Sourcing our Coal and Solid Fuels from many different sources gives us a product range to suit various budgets and markets. All of our Coal
Can be delivered in Bulk Coal Loose, or Bulk Coal Bagged. We can tailor orders to suit with our Coal Bags coming in;-
The Following Sizes.
- 10kg Coal Bags
- 20kg Coal Bags
- 25kg Coal Bags
- 40kg Coal Bags

Over the past 2 years we have extensively developed our Retail Customer base and can now provide Coal to your Door anywhere in the UK & Ireland. For further information on our Coal call us on 028 867 62103 or visit our website at

Where to Buy Coal ?

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Strata Fuel Centre Coal Bags