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Kosy King – The New Name in Quality Solid Fuel Distribution

For many years at the Strata Group we have matured our Coal Division into a high volume Coal distribution business that has been distributing Solid Fuels to the homes of the UK & Ireland.

Due to this continued growth and the acquisition of another Coal company, we made the decision to form our exciting new venture, KOSY KING.

Based on the same high standards we have always carried, KOSY KING distributed high quality Coal to the trade & retail. With a brand new fully eCommerce website, our Coal customers can avail of online purchasing throughout the UK & Ireland at highly competitive prices.

For all of your solid fuel requirement call a member of the team on Freephone UK 0800 470 47 47 or Ireland 1800 928 792.

To buy online visit www.kosyking.comKosy King - Solid Fuel Distribution


Facebook Competition – Free Coal

At Strata Ireland we continue to Offer Super Deals to our Customers. At the minute we are running a " Like & Share " Facebook offer which will simply enter you into a draw to win 6 Bag of Premium Emerald Coal 20kg. That's right, completely FREE COAL.

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Free Coal !


Coal Usage has Increased by 32.5% in the UK

A few Weeks ago I discussed how China are to increase exports to Europe now that the US has moved in the direction of Gas. Following this, there is an interesting article I have spotted about how the US are now looking into exporting their Coal. Can we expect to see a decrease in Coal prices due to the added Competition ? Will this encourage European Distributors to lower their prices ?
Personally I think not as quality will always be at the forefront of Heating your Home. Heating your home is not a luxury and something we can ill afford to neglect.
We get asked regularly "What is the Best Coal". The Best Coal anyone can buy is what heats their Homes in a manner that is as effective and efficient as possible. Usually with Premium Coal you will find a higher heat output which in turn will reach the desired temperatures quicker. So, That £7 bag of coal could possibly give you so much more than the £4.99 bag !
An interesting Statistic is that Coal usage in the UK is up 32.5%. This telling sign only goes to show how badly the Economy is, and that we are much more content in Spending £7 on a bag of coal than a £200 Oil fill that will last us 3 weeks !

Effectively we have come full circle and returned to where we toiled in the 80's. We now think Differently and explore various ways to exploit Coal. Solid Fuel Boilers and Multi-Fuel Boilers to name but a few, lead the charge in getting the best out of coal.

Coal is a commodity that we rely on. Countries such as the US & China are to begin wielding it in what is an already fiercely competitive market. Will this drive down prices ? probably not, but for as long as oil prices soar, gas prices creep up and electricity rates crucify us. Coal will always be the most economical source of fuel with the UK's usage percentage as valid proof.

UK Coal Usage

Strata Fuel Centre Coal on Fire


Where to Buy Coal ?

Coal and Solid Fuels

Coal with swift 7This Christmas theres only one place to purchase the quality Coal you need to get through those cold evenings. At Strata Ireland we carry a broad range of quality Coals

at fantastic prices.
As A Swift 7 Registered Coal Merchant, our coal meets the low sulphur standards that is now a legal requirement in the south of Ireland. Therefore you buy in confidence that quality of service and product is guaranteed.

For all your Solid Fuel need call us today on 0044 (0) 28 867 62103 or visit our website

Merry Christmas Everyone from everyone at Strata Ireland.

Delivering Coal to the Home of Ireland !