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Winter Shows Spring Who’s Boss!!!

kosy kingAs we woke up this morning ready to Step into Spring, Winter showed it us that it wasn’t quite finished with us!

Weather Warnings have been put into place throughout Northern Ireland as the Snow Falls. We are still delivering as normal so why not Call Us on 028 8676 2103 and get your Coal and Kiln Dried Logs Delivered Straight to Your home!!!

You can also Order from our Online Store from the comfort of your own home!




Are you burning the correct Solid Fuel ?

Are you burning the correct fuel in your home heating Appliance ?
For many of us this is the question. There are many other factors that will influence the fuel you burn such as smoke controlled areas etc. This will give you a brief breakdown of a few Fuels and their uses;-

Premium Smokeless Ovoids - Perfect for enclosed fires with a high heat output and long burn time. Burns with little to no ash. A quality product that has been our top selling smokeless fuel over the last two years.

Smokeless Blend (Ovoids & Calco) - Suitable for open & enclosed fires, this blend gives very high heat output with little to no ash.

Premium Emerald Coal or Doubles - Our top selling fuel over the past two years. Our Emerald Coal is Colombian in original and gives unrivalled Heat Output with little to no ash. Without doubt one of the best Coals on the market.

This is a few of our products available to buy in our online store

Coal with swift 7


Kosy King – The New Name in Quality Solid Fuel Distribution

For many years at the Strata Group we have matured our Coal Division into a high volume Coal distribution business that has been distributing Solid Fuels to the homes of the UK & Ireland.

Due to this continued growth and the acquisition of another Coal company, we made the decision to form our exciting new venture, KOSY KING.

Based on the same high standards we have always carried, KOSY KING distributed high quality Coal to the trade & retail. With a brand new fully eCommerce website, our Coal customers can avail of online purchasing throughout the UK & Ireland at highly competitive prices.

For all of your solid fuel requirement call a member of the team on Freephone UK 0800 470 47 47 or Ireland 1800 928 792.

To buy online visit www.kosyking.comKosy King - Solid Fuel Distribution


Premium Emerald Coal – The Hottest Coal with the Lowest Ash

At the Strata Fuel Centre we have continued to strive for Quality in our products. Only recently we have relaunched our Premium Emerald Range that have a Higher Heat and very Low Ash Content.

This Premium Coal is also available in Doubles and to date we have had high acclaim for its Heat Output and small amount of Ash.

Fully Sulphur Compliant, Our Emerald Range is  suitable for the ROI market and with a Typical Granulation size of 80-100 mm it is suitable for all solid fuel appliances.

With Pallet distribution available throughout the UK & Ireland contact us today for Quality and Value on your Solid Fuel

The Premium Coal - Hottest Coal & Lowest Ash

The Premium Coal - Hottest Coal & Lowest Ash



Weekends Weather

Well the weather going to pretty similar to what we are having at the minute come the weekend. Slightly colder on Saturday so its a good reason to keep the fire lit !

Remember, At the Strata Group we have continued our £4.50 per 20kg Bag offer for Gold Coal. Yard Collection in Cookstown with Home delivery service available.

Remember to visit our online store for your bulk Coal pallet order delivered anywhere in the UK & Ireland. 
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Coal – Delivered Anywhere in N.I £3.99 per bag

At Strata Ireland we are able to offer you the one stop shop for all your Solid Fuel Needs. Our service covers all of Northern Ireland with all of our Grades High on Quality and low on Cost.
Below Details the Coal on offer;-

Large Bulk Sack - Premium Loose Coal @ £145
Economy Coal @ £3.99 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £199
Quality Gold Coal @ £4.80 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £240
Premium Emerald Coal @ £5.40 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £270
Premium Smokeless Blend @ £5.80 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £290
Premium Smokeless Peat Briquettes @ £3.19 Per Bale **NEW**
96 x Bales £306
Kiln Dried Hardwood Blocks @ £2.99 per 22 litre bag
102 x 22l bags £304.98

Want to Mix and Match your Products ? No problem give us a call and we can Help. All of the above prices include delivery to ANYWHERE in Northern Ireland. Pallets are delivered to your home and set off at the most accessible point to the driver.

Where to Buy Coal ?

Strata IrelandStrata Fuel Centre Bulk Loose Coal


Where to Buy Coal ?

Coal and Solid Fuels

Coal with swift 7This Christmas theres only one place to purchase the quality Coal you need to get through those cold evenings. At Strata Ireland we carry a broad range of quality Coals

at fantastic prices.
As A Swift 7 Registered Coal Merchant, our coal meets the low sulphur standards that is now a legal requirement in the south of Ireland. Therefore you buy in confidence that quality of service and product is guaranteed.

For all your Solid Fuel need call us today on 0044 (0) 28 867 62103 or visit our website

Merry Christmas Everyone from everyone at Strata Ireland.

Delivering Coal to the Home of Ireland !


Polish Coal – Sulphur Legal – Delivered

Coal and Solid Fuel Distrubtion

All our Coal is High on Quality and great on Heat. We have distributed Coal for over 90 years so understand quality is paramount. We bag all our own products and can cater for whatever you want ! We are a certified Coal Distributor with the EPA Ireland which ensures our quality is maintained.


We delivery 25 - 30 Pallets a week so understand what you need.


House Gold Coal

50 x 20kg bags (Ton) delivered £230

(£4.60 per bag) or (€5.99 per bag)


25 x 20kg bags (Half Ton) delivered £140

(£5.40 per bag) or (€6.99 per bag)


Premium Emerald Polish Coal

50 x 20kg bags delivered £260.00

(£5.20 per bag) or (€6.75 per bag)


25 x 20kg bags delivered £142.50


(5.70per bag) or (€7.35 per bag)


These offers include delivery throughout Ireland. Coal will be delivered palletised and set off at your kerb.


Call today for your solid fuel solutions. Try filling your oil tank for less !



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Heating your Home Cheaper

Solid Fuel Home Heating Boilers and Coal

Strata Ireland

I know this article is central to America
a but the Same applies to our own costs of Living. I have my own Home heating boiler installed and running on the same basis as the article details.
Coalpricing is a lot more static than the liquid and chemical fuels and therefore will always be cheaper to run.

Have a look at this article, very interesting.


How Coal Was Made


In Britain, coal was formed at various times between 170 million to 300 million years ago. Coal began as ancient forests and vegetation which became buried and compressed by earth, rock and lava over long periods of time. The rotting vegetation was eventually composted, condensed and compressed, under extreme pressure, which formed coal. These layers of compacted ancient forest have now formed coal

seams as deep as 800 metres which run for hundreds of miles across Britain.