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Happy New Year!

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We have the Best Quality Products suitable for any Fire or Wood Burning Stove. Distributing across England, Scotland, Wales, NI and Republic of Ireland we offer all our customers Excellent Service, Top Quality Products and Exceptional Prices.

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Are you burning the correct Solid Fuel ?

Are you burning the correct fuel in your home heating Appliance ?
For many of us this is the question. There are many other factors that will influence the fuel you burn such as smoke controlled areas etc. This will give you a brief breakdown of a few Fuels and their uses;-

Premium Smokeless Ovoids - Perfect for enclosed fires with a high heat output and long burn time. Burns with little to no ash. A quality product that has been our top selling smokeless fuel over the last two years.

Smokeless Blend (Ovoids & Calco) - Suitable for open & enclosed fires, this blend gives very high heat output with little to no ash.

Premium Emerald Coal or Doubles - Our top selling fuel over the past two years. Our Emerald Coal is Colombian in original and gives unrivalled Heat Output with little to no ash. Without doubt one of the best Coals on the market.

This is a few of our products available to buy in our online store

Coal with swift 7


Coal – Delivered Anywhere in N.I £3.99 per bag

At Strata Ireland we are able to offer you the one stop shop for all your Solid Fuel Needs. Our service covers all of Northern Ireland with all of our Grades High on Quality and low on Cost.
Below Details the Coal on offer;-

Large Bulk Sack - Premium Loose Coal @ £145
Economy Coal @ £3.99 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £199
Quality Gold Coal @ £4.80 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £240
Premium Emerald Coal @ £5.40 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £270
Premium Smokeless Blend @ £5.80 per 20kg Bag
50 x 20kg bags £290
Premium Smokeless Peat Briquettes @ £3.19 Per Bale **NEW**
96 x Bales £306
Kiln Dried Hardwood Blocks @ £2.99 per 22 litre bag
102 x 22l bags £304.98

Want to Mix and Match your Products ? No problem give us a call and we can Help. All of the above prices include delivery to ANYWHERE in Northern Ireland. Pallets are delivered to your home and set off at the most accessible point to the driver.

Where to Buy Coal ?

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