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Solid Fuel Boiler £200 OFF MARKED PRICE

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Solid Fuel Boiler £200 OFF MARKED PRICE





Saving over 50% Off your Home Heating


Manual Models Burn : Coal, Slack, Timbers, Turf & Briquettes.


Auto Models Burn : As above with Coal up to 25mm for auto feed.


Efficiency : Up to 98%. Boilers are Heat Efficient and Fuel Efficient. Only burning fuel when needed.


All have CAST IRON interiors and not steel. During the Winter months 2 of our Customers had the heating outlay of;-


2600 sq ft house with an Automatic Boiler £3.50 per day


3000 sq ft house with an Manual Boiler £2.50 per day


An average house using oil during the same period was spending £7 a day.


What You Get with Strata Ireland;-


- 2 Year Warranty


- Customer Service


- Superior Product build and Technologies


- Trade Prices on all your Fuels


- Dealing with a company that holds stock and has been trading for over 90 years in the Solid Fuel Business.


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