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Solid Fuel Boiler – Massive Savings on your Home Heating Bill


Save over 50% on your Home Heating

Fully Automatic and Manual Models Available. All in Stock.
Viewing of a Boiler in Operation can be arranged.

Our New Solid Fuel Home Heating Boilers work in the same manner as your Oil Burning Boiler but are much more efficient;-

1. Coal is a cheaper source Fuel than Oil with more longevity to the burn.

2. Heat your home for free using fallen timbers.

3. The Solid Fuel Home Heating Boilers are manufactured to be up to 98% efficient with No wastage of heat. As they are all CAST IRON. they have a much higher heat retention and longer life expectancy than steel. They are all EC approved.

4. They are installed in the exact same manner as Oil Burning Boiler.

5. Solid Fuel Home Heating Boilers are Virtually Maintenance Free. Saving money on Boiler Servicing.

6. A constant flow of hot water 24 hours a day.

One such home in County Tyrone has installed the ST8 Automatic Model in a 26k Sq Ft dwelling. This Solid Fuel Home Heating Boiler Heats their home for £3.75 per day ! This is based on constant and 18 radiators heating for 2-3 hours daily.

The customer previously burned oil and had a weekly burn of approx £55 per week. The ST8 Boiler has saved the customer £28.75 per week.

All of our Boilers are in stock. Installations in Tyrone, Fermanagh, Donegal, Monaghan & Wexford.

Our 15% sale covers almost all of our Retail Stock.

Coal & Solid Fuel Boilers 

We Also stock Colombian Singles which is the Correct Fuel for all Automatic Solid Fuel Boilers

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